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We are pleased to invite you to attend a Member Celebration at a gala luncheon in Auckland to celebrate this year's recipients of the 2014 NZ Business Excellence Awards.


Click here to download the official invitation, or for more information contact Leanda Hunt on 09 489 8791.





The NZ Business Excellence Foundation administers the NZ Business Excellence Awards and NZ Business Achievement Awards, programmes that recognise high-performing organisations in New Zealand. Applicants come from both the public and private sector and entry is open to all businesses in New Zealand.


An organisation that is recognised in these evidence-based award programs has shown that it has an exceptional, process-driven system for managing its products, services, human resource and customer relationships, as well as a strong leadership component. Combined, these contribute to a “feel good vibe” that has been cascaded throughout the organisation, to stakeholders and customers.




Benefits of Applying


There are many benefits in applying in the NZBEF National Awards Programme, including:

  • Learning about your own organisation - assessing your organisation against the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence (CPE) or the abridged Criteria (Level 2) ensures a disciplined self-assessment of the whole organisation.
  • Third-Party Assessment - the comprehensive evaluation process by a team of skilled evaluators provides an external "objective" assessment of the organisation.
  • Feedback Report - a comprehensive feedback report which identifies key strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • Building Awareness of Excellence - the Site Visit by the evaluation team is motivational for the applicant's team(s) and raises awareness within the organisation of the leadership goal to achieve "world-class" performance.
  • Improvement Planning - the strengths are recognised and reinforced while opportunities for improvement can be reviewed, prioritised and then integrated into improvement plans for the organisation.
  • Rationalising Improvement Approaches - the use of the CPE helps organisations to understand, select and integrate other appropriate management models such as six sigma, business process re-engineering, balanced scorecard, ISO 9000, and many others.
  • Calibration with other organisations globally - the CPE and the Scoring System provide a clear perspective on your organisation's performance compared with other organisations nationally and globally, indicating your progress towards achieving "world-class" performance.


Awards Programmes Overview


NZ Business Excellence Awards


Assessed against the full CPE. The NZBEF New Zealand Business Excellence Awards are the pinnacle of business awards programmes in New Zealand, recognising and rewarding organisations that have undertaken the comprehensive and very rewarding journey towards becoming "world-class", high performing organisations... more click here


NZ Business Achievement Awards


Assessed against the NZBEF Abridged Criteria for Performance Excellence (Level 2). New Zealand Business Achievement Awards are a stepping stone towards the more comprehensive NZ Business Excellence Awards... more click here


Regional and Sectoral Business Awards


The NZ Business Excellence Foundation also acknowledges the role of regional and sector specific business excellence awards as recognition of performance excellence throughout New Zealand. The Franchise Awards use the NZBEF Abridged Criteria for Performance Excellence (Level 3)... more click here



More Information


NZBEF Awards Process

Click here to view an overview of the process in applying for the NZ Business Excellence Awards or NZ Business Achievement Awards.


NZBEF Past Award Winners

Click here for a complete list of NZBEF Award Recipients.




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